Candle Making Machine

Candles are manufactured in either machines or in moulds. If you have a machine then you donít need a mould and if you have a mould then you donít need a machine for making candles. No electricity is required for the machine.
Price: 1000$ Per Machine | Rs. 65,000 (Taxes Extra)
Capacity: Manufacturing capacity of the machine depends upon the size of the candle. If the diameter of the candle is big then the capacity is less. And if the diameter is small then the capacity is more. Only one type of candle can be manufactured in each machine. That means for each size you have to buy a separate machine. Around 150 to 600 candles is the capacity of the machine.
Delivery: 50 % of the total cost of the machine will be collected in advance. The delivery period is one month. Delivery charges are extra.
Training: Free training is provided by us.
Warranty: One Year Warranty is given by us.
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